barbudaful shopping

There are several small shops in Barbuda and they sell a range of things from essential hardware to food and drink. There are no major supermarkets, supplies are sometimes hard to find and are much more expensive than Antigua, but this is mostly as a result of Barbudans having to import everything from Antigua on the small cargo boats that come once a week. The fresh meat, fish, fruit and vegetables that are produced here are cheaper and better quality than Antigua, but everything imported is often quickly sold out. If we have to go to Antigua for our business it's time consuming and expensive - the air or ferry fare, plus a hire car, taxis and overnight accomodation - because you can't get everything done in one day - costs Barbudans more than Antiguans and the additional transport cost of bringing it all back to Barbuda inevitably has to be passed on to the customer. 

Beazers Bakery and Bread

Making fresh local bread every day except Sunday in the family bakery in Codrington, they open here very early in the morning. Attie Beazer will take orders for all kinds of loaves from French bread to sliced wholewheat. Contact him to order for the next day on (268) 721 4809 or e mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


G & B Service Station

The gas station For all you need to stay on the road - petrol/gas, diesel, oil and an air-line - are all available here. The gas station has friendly helpful service and a mini-mart that sells car supplies, household goods including cooking gas bottles, snacks and beverages. The gas station is on River Road and is open from 7 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday; From 7 am to 1 pm on Saturday and closed on Sunday. Barbuda sometimes runs out of gas/petrol/diesel so make sure you fill up while you can. Contact Toby Beazer on 268 722-7472 or 268 562-1700 for more information. Gas and diesel is currently selling at around EC$16 per gallon on Barbuda.

the barbudaful ArtCafe

the ArtCafe shop and bar The ArtCafe is on Two Foot Bay road and is the home of artist and writer Claire Frank. Claire specialises in silk painting and hand-painted t shirts but has other local crafts, postcards, maps, sea salt, Barbuda honey and other gifts. You can have a fresh ground coffee while you shop, a dish-of-the-day lunch, or book supper if you are staying on Barbuda. Call 268 717 4451 for more information, or book and see more about us here.

Bus Stop Shop

Avonella John in the doorway of her Bus Stop shop

Avonella John's shop is full of useful everyday supplies like groceries, ice cold drinks, vegetables and general provisions. She also makes home-made suckabubby (ice-pops) and popcorn. She is close to the bus stop by the airport on River Road. Contact Avonella on (+1268) 560-6449 or (+1268) 721-3319.

Island Pharmacy

The inside of the Island Pharmacy

Hartford John has one of two pharmacies in Barbuda. Here you can buy everyday medicines, insect repellent, vitamin and mineral supplements, toiletries, batteries, hair for braiding, soft drinks and more. Mr John also runs the lumber store and a guest house. Contact Hartford John on (268) 720-2629

Sweet D's Ice Cream Parlour

The ice cream shop Daphne de Souza's specialist ice cream shop sells Antiguan-made ice cream in many flavours including strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, cotton candy, rum and raisin and others. She can also order cakes and desserts for special occasions. The shop is open in the evenings from 5pm most days or call Daphne on (268) 781-2850 or (268) 460-0457.

Antigua Commercial Bank

bank sml 2017On Barbuda you can complete most local transactions at the Antigua Commercial Bank near Codrington Airport. There is a cashpoint machine (ATM) outside the bank but it currently has a $500ec daily limit on foreign cards and can be often out of service so we advise that visitors bring cash for their stay. Hardly anyone in Barbuda has a card or credit machine so most payments in guesthouses, bars, shops or taxi's will expect cash. Both EC dollars and US dollars are acceptable here, at a rate of about EC$2.70 to US$1.00 - which never changes. Most people carry change in both currencies or will give you ec dollars in change. The bank opens Monday - Thursdays from 8 am to 3 pm, and on Fridays from 8 am to 4 pm. It closes for lunch from 12 to 1 pm daily, and on public holidays. Contact the bank on (268) 481-4215.

Island Lumber and Hardware

Hartford John outside his Island Lumber and Hardware store

In the lumber department of Hartford John's business you will find all the sizes of lumber you will need to build your house - together with cement, galvanised iron, and other materials. Hartford also has a pharmacy and guest house business on Barbuda. Contact Harty on (268) 720-2629

Follow the Flag

follow the flag shop

Follow the Flag is a true variety store and is situated in a side road opposite the Barbuda Police Station. You could ask what doesn't Tyrene Teague sell? From food to cold drinks to household items to fashion - it's all here. There are shoes, jewellery, sunglasses, perfumes, watches, caps, shorts, dresses, blouses, shirts, and T shirts. You can buy extension cords, microwaves, kettles, DVD players, sheets, CDs, crockery, glasses, and toaster ovens. American films, wet suits, super glue, bug spray, starch - the list is endless - a must-see store. While you are browsing try one of Tyrene's coconut pies or sugar cakes, a salt fish pattie or some bullfoot soup. There are also vegetarian tofu specials. Contact Tyrene on (268) 580-8280 or on (268) 722-8485.

Lil Lincs Plus

lil lincs 2017Lil Lincs carries all you need for your weekly grocery shop. It has everything from ice cold soft drinks to fresh fruit and vegetables, and household goods such as cups, plates, mops and brooms. The shop is well stocked with freezers for meat and other frozen items and has fresh produce in the large fridges including fresh butter, cheeses, cream, and yoghurts. The shop has salt pork, salt beef, and other preserves and supplies bottled gas for cooking. The shop takes cards (Visa and Mastercard) as well as cash and the store is fully air-conditioned for your shopping pleasure. You can also buy bottled water in various sizes and bottled cooking gas. Contact the shop on (268) 460-0080. You can top up your phone here too.

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