Allyson Trunzer


bb: Hi Allyson, what is your full name and how old are you?

AT: Allyson Reanne Trunzer. I'm nineteen years old, born on February 3rd, 1992.

bb: Were you born in Barbuda or where?

AT: I was born in Toronto, Canada, and moved to Barbuda in 1997. I currently reside in Toronto.

bb: Do you come from a large family?

AT: In my household, I have one brother. I am of Barbudan (George) and German (Trunzer) decent.

bb: Tell us about where you lived and went to school

AT: I attended Holy Trinity School in Barbuda from 1997-2000. Upon moving back to Canada, I went to a local elementary school in Scarborough. For my high school education, I auditioned and was accepted into Wexford Collegiate School for the Arts, majoring in theatre arts (drama/dance). Currently, I'm a full-time dance student in the Professional Training Program at Ballet Creole.

bb: When did you leave Barbuda? Do you enjoy Canada?

AT: I left Barbuda in the year 2000, but have visited since moving back to Canada. Apart from the cold, Canada is a great place to live, with many opportunities to offer.

bb: What do you like about travelling? Where else have you lived or visited?

AT: I've travelled to various parts of the U.S. (Atlanta, Florida, North Carolina, New York), but would really like to explore more diverse countries around the world and experience their cultures.

bb: How often do you go to Barbuda now?

AT: I try to come once a year or every other, depending on my schedule at work/school.

bb: What is your favourite Barbudan food and drink?

AT: I look forward to my morning bun and cheese, and crab and fungi later on. I also drink A LOT of Ribena, since it's hard to find where I live.

bb: Where are your favourite places in Barbuda?


bb: What work (or hobbies) do you have? Tell us what you have to do in your work or hobby?

AT: Apart from the dance program, I work in the administration office at O.I.P. Dance Centre, located in downtown Toronto. Generally, I am responsible for registration of classes, organizing studio rentals, answering the phones and e-mails, and cleaning. It's been beneficial receiving free classes and meeting many established and emerging artists in the entertainment industry

bb: What are your plans for the future?

AT: I hope to produce my own business venture, getting children and adolescents in the Caribbean further involved in the arts. It's important to develop creativity as an individual and I would like to design an environment where youth can freely discover their artistry.

bb: If you could give a young person in Barbuda advice, what would it be?

AT: If there's something you wish to pursue in your life, do it. There's no such thing as failure and it's never too late for a new beginning.

bb: Thank you Allyson, for being on “It's My Barbudaful Life”, we wish you well for the future.

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