Jermaine (Smurf) Joyce

smurf on bikeWelcome to It's My Life! We are so pleased to hear a bit about your life here in Barbuda as the first person for the new website.

bb: Where were you born Smurf?

JJ: I was born in Antigua, on July 9th 1986, but came straight to live in Barbuda, where I have lived since. I am twenty-seven years old.

bb: Did you go to school in Barbuda?

JJ: Yes, but I had problems at school and was asked to leave when I was a teenager, so I left too early to get any exams. I started to work for Council at a young age and was in the Works department with Keithy Thomas as my manager. I learned carpentry there.

bb: And do you still work for Council?

JJ: Yes but now I work in the Fisheries department, as a processing assistant, checking the size of lobsters with a special tool, for export. They have to be over 9.5 centimetres wide to be legal. We weigh the conchs too, and store them in a specially air conditioned room in the new Fisheries building until they are ready for sale.

bb: And you have your own business too? We know this because we are your customers! You mend all our punctures...

JJ: Yes I have a bike repair business and I also make bikes for sale, depending on the size, from about $200ec. I have one person who works with me, but other people come and go and use the tools and so on. I rent bikes out by the day or the hour.

bb: This is a really smart business to have as nearly all of Barbuda has a bike. Do you have a family in Barbuda, Smurf?

JJ: Yes, I have a girlfriend, and a child aged two. I live with my older brother Captain, but I have nine sisters and seven brothers altogether, three of each are here in Barbuda.

bb: So what is your favourite Barbudan food and drink?

JJ: I love lobster cooked any way, but especially served with the sauce and cheese - lobster Thermidor. And I like Passion fruit drink.

bb: And what is your favourite place?

JJ: Being at home, and riding my bike around the village.

bb: If you had a message to the younger people of Barbuda, what would you say?

JJ: I would tell them be careful of alcohol, which is why I don't drink. It leads to too much trouble.



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Now, it's been too long.
Too long, too long in slavery.
Free the people and let them move in liberty
Now, it's been too long.
Too long, too long in slavery.
So the struggle continue.
But while the struggle continue, I'm going to tell you.
We rastaman will set the world free...

Joseph Hill - Culture

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