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sunset hotel 2016Sunset Hotel is situated in the village on River Road and was built in the 70's to become one of the first locally owned hotels. Successive owners failed to make it work and it remains derelict. In the hurricane aftermath it was used to contain the dogs that were left behind on Barbuda after evacuation.




Lighthouse Bay Resort at Low Bay was to be sold by auction in 2015 but is apparently still for sale.


 the beach houseBeach House (formerly Palmetto Hotel) is still closed and semi-derelict although Derek and Adam Barrett still claim they have the current lease, having completed minimal work there over the past four years.





K Club was being renovated for development by Robert de Niro and James Packer, but is subject to legal actions to contest the manner in which it obtained consent for the project, which included acres of extra land, and the terms of the agreement, which have not been made transparent to Barbudans. They have since stopped work on the hotel - maybe after Packer was dumped by Maria Carey and the wedding (on Barbuda?) was cancelled. However, Mr De Niro continues to involve himself in Barbudan Affairs.

Dulcina Hotel (at River) has been demolished and the land has been cleared as the lease has apparently been given to Maria Browne, the wife of Prime Minister Gaston Browne.No other work has since been done on the project.

North Beach was sadly completely destroyed in Hurricane Irma.

Coco Point Lodge was almost totally destroyed by Hurricane Irma, ending many years of this resort's connection to Barbuda. Overnight Barbudans lost their employment - many had worked there for decades.

Barbuda Belle

barbuda belle bedrom sml barbuda belle sml

Barbuda Belle is located at fabulous Cedar Tree Point, and is a boutique beach hotel featuring seven exclusive bungalows situated on this natural and deserted beach. Each bungalow is beautifully decorated offering magnificent views of the pink sand and the surrounding mangroves. The hotel is solar powered combining comfortable luxury and environmental sustainability. Here you can see wildlife and untouched nature up close, while enjoying excellent French gourmet cuisine with a local flavour. The service delivered by our staff will prove worthy of the natural beauty of Barbuda because this is what barefoot luxury is all about. For opening dates and further information e mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +268 783-4779 or visit their website for more pictures.

Barbuda Cottages

barbuda cottages barbuda cottages bedroom

At Barbuda Cottages, we are pleased to announce that we will be open for the upcoming tourists season starting December 1st 2018. The property will consist of the original three-bedroom cottage as well as three one-bedroom cottages for our guests to rent. Our staff are geared towards assisting guests in reserving fishing charters, trips to the bird sanctuary, car rentals and everything else that the island has to offer in order to make your trip a memorable one. 

Additionally, we have something special in store for our guests visiting Uncle Roddy's. We are completely renovating Uncle Roddy's restaurant into a second story enclosed patio! The restaurant will still feature our famous drinks and fresh food menu, along with other local specialties and a Caribbean cooking class with Kelcina. We will additionally offer steel pan music for our guests and a “local” night.

We sincerely hope you will be able to join us this 2018/2019 season at Barbuda Cottages, we will be waiting with open arms!  Sending sunshine your way….As always, Kelcina & Team

1-416-699-1067 (Canada)
1-268-722-3050 (Barbuda)

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Now, it's been too long.
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So the struggle continue.
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