Pre-school graduation ceremony 2012

At a special ceremony at the Cody Kelly pre-school on 5th July, thirty four children graduated from pre-school to take on a new challenge at the Holy Trinity Primary school from September this year. The programme was hosted by Elaine Teague, the supervisor and Ms. Petrolynn Isaac, the master of ceremonies. An unprecedented amount of parents were present to support their children and congratulate both Mrs Teague and Mrs Henry, who were honoured at the event for 25 years of service in pre-school education.

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Now, it's been too long.
Too long, too long in slavery.
Free the people and let them move in liberty
Now, it's been too long.
Too long, too long in slavery.
So the struggle continue.
But while the struggle continue, I'm going to tell you.
We rastaman will set the world free...

Joseph Hill - Culture

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