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We are still the only website that features just the island of Barbuda and our analytics (here is an old one) show us we are regularly used. We currently reach over 150 countries - probably more since the hurricane put us in the news. We have been online since we realised that Barbuda must have its own web site where Antiguans, visitors to Barbuda and Barbudans living overseas - especially those who have never been to Barbuda - could go to find accurate information about the island. We hope that Barbudan small businesses will get economic benefits as more visitors come to the island through the site. We are in the top five on Google, we are regularly listed (and visited) by writers about the Caribbean including Conde Nast Traveller, Footprint, Lonely Planet, Superyachts and many others. We are referenced in the international press when they write about Antigua and Barbuda and we always follow them up if they miss us out. So, in previous years the Huffington Post have featured Barbuda with all their links going to this website, and Virgin Atlantic contacted us first to film here on Barbuda for their in-flight video. We know that most of the visitors who come to Barbuda have looked for information here first.

our subscription rates

website subscription categories & rates for 2019

We do not take any other advertising on our site but if you have a link to Barbuda, you are welcome to put your business on here. Subscriptions run from January to December each year. If you do not renew your subscription in January we will assume you no longer want to be on the site and your entry will be removed, but we will try and ask you first.

Barbudans with small businesses  - one photograph, text and link

EC$100 per year - this gives Barbudans living on the island access to the internet even if their business is very small, such as a vendor or farmer.  Most will not need the link as they do not have a website, but if they have one, we can link to it or to Facebook. They can also list more than one business and link them together on the site. We can take pictures and help with the text.

Larger businesses and others on Barbuda - two photographs, text and link

US$100 per year - this option is for larger Barbudan businesses such as car hire, and non-Barbudan small businesses on the island.

Hotels & Guesthouses - two photographs, text and link

The rate is the same for one year, as your low-season room rate is for one night. If your room is US$100 per night, you will pay that for your entry. If it is is US$800 per night, your rate will be that. You are guaranteed to make that back from bookings which come through as a result of the website.


web site host

This web site was first encouraged (and hosted) by Graham Talbot at Turquoise Net; a travel site for the Caribbean, Central America, and beyond. Graham featured Barbuda on for many years. We are now with Flying Pixel who designed the new template and are based in the UK.


Andrew Brewster helped me with the complicated technical behind-the-scenes administration of the web site and published the new material. Without him we would have been in big trouble.


We are proud of the photographs on as they are all taken on the island by amateurs and professionals who have visited Barbuda or who live here, including Mohammid Walbrook, Chris Doyle, Fiona Jack, Fabio Pettinari, Mark Williams, Malte, Jerry Cindric and many others. We welcome your photographs if you have some good ones. These are typically resized at 800 x 600 pixels maximum width. We appreciate a little information about what a photograph is showing and who took it; we use this to supply alternative text for images to enhance accessibility for our visitors.

the website founders

Claire Frank

Claire is an artist and writer and regularly updates the site. She lives in Barbuda and runs the ArtCafe. She has contributed articles about Barbuda to other Caribbean websites and in the international press. Claire still takes most of the photographs and currently writes the content for it, and for the Facebook page.

Lesley Watkins

Lesley wrote and took many photographs for the site over several years and without her techie input it wouldn't have started at all. Lesley was a teacher in Barbuda for many years nd currently lives in the UK.

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We like this...

Now, it's been too long.
Too long, too long in slavery.
Free the people and let them move in liberty
Now, it's been too long.
Too long, too long in slavery.
So the struggle continue.
But while the struggle continue, I'm going to tell you.
We rastaman will set the world free...

Joseph Hill - Culture

About us...

This is a community website based in Barbuda. We charge a small subscription for local businesses in order to fully represent our community and to maintain the cost of the site. Full details of what it costs to be on here are listed on our site information page. If you have found the information here helpful and would like to support us with a donation please look for the paypal link on our 'contact us' page.

Let us know about you...

We love to hear from you if you are a Barbudan here or overseas, tell us and we will promote your event, your business or your news. Or maybe you visited Barbuda for the first (or second or third) time? Send us your pictures. It's easy to be on the website - just send us an e mail.