how to get to barbuda

by plane

There are no international flights straight to Barbuda, all visitors must travel to our sister island Antigua first. A large number of international carriers from the US, the UK, Canada and the wider Caribbean have flights to Antigua. In most cases you will need to stay at least one night in Antigua until you can get on a local flight or the ferry to Barbuda. You can also charter a plane or a helicopter, which is sometimes cost effective if there are five or more people with luggage and if there is a charter readily available. Coco Point organise their own flights for guests. 

Codrinton airport, BarbudaCodrington airport

SVG operate Antigua Barbuda Montserrat Air (ABM) who are currently one of the carriers to Barbuda. Changes to their flight schedules are made almost every day and often without notice.You can book online or try their number (268) 562-7183 (Antigua) and (268) 562-8089 (Barbuda) bearing in mind that they may be on the ground with a plane and not in their office.

The ticket price is now EC$175 one way - approximately US$65. Please re-confirm your flight with the airport before the day - and be advised that if you are late checking in they will give away your seat. They also cancel and alter flights without warning or compensation so leave a local contact number and they might let you know. The plane will be a small 7 seater so luggage space is restricted and everything (including you) will be weighed. The allowance is 1 hand baggage not exceeding 10lbs and one checked-in baggage not exceeding 50lbs. Additional or overweight bags will be charged and may be delayed overnight until a flight is able to carry them. If you have very heavy luggage the ferry may be able to assist with this for a small charge, or it will have to go on one of the cargo boats, see below for info on both. The flight takes about fifteen minutes, and if all the above goes well, it can be a great service. The airport is in the village so it is a short walk to the centre of Codrington.

Barbuda Airways - since the election there were rumours of a new and much cheaper airline for Barbuda with fares at half the above price. It existed purely for the transport of Antiguans to our Caribana over one long weekend and hasn't been heard of or seen since.

by ferry

unloading the ferry in Barbuda on the ferry going to Antigua

The Barbuda Express is a local ferry and is often preferred by Barbudans because of the greater capacity to carry shopping and luggage back over to Barbuda in one go, and the large number of seats (56) available. It is also cheaper than a flight at EC$220 return and offers frequent traveller and Senior Citizen discounts. The crossing can be rough but the ferry does not run in risky conditions so safety is a priority and if the weather is too bad it will be cancelled. There is music to take your mind off the waves, friendly helpful staff and you can get a travel sickness tablet on board if you think you might need one. Most of the people who complain about the trip have not taken this advice, may be better off on the flight, or should have lived in Barbuda when we didn't have a ferry. It takes about 90 minutes although it passes quickly in good weather and we have sometimes seen whales on the crossing. If there are not many bookings the ferry doesn't travel at all so it is better to book in advance and you will then be contacted if anything changes - and all e mails and phone calls are answered. The ferry leaves from the dock in the centre of St. Johns, Antigua and arrives in Barbuda at River Wharf, a fifteen minute taxi ride into the village. For an up-to-date schedule visit the Barbuda Express web site at or look at their Facebook page for last minute advice. For reservations call (268) 560-7989 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The ferry also offers a day tour package that includes lunch, the caves and the Frigate bird sanctuary.

with cargo freight

loading the cargo in AntiguaSilver Seal at River Wharf

All other village supplies including everything we buy in Antigua for our shops and houses comes to Barbuda on three or four small cargo boats that make the return trip to Antigua twice a week, usually leaving on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday and one other day, depending on the weather, arriving at River Wharf above. To arrange cargo transport speak to Fabian Jones who runs Silver Seal on (268) 772-5028 or go to Point Wharf in Antigua and speak with a captain there. Barbudans drop off their goods to the boat early in the week while it's being loaded and collect it again when it arrives in Barbuda later in the week.

There is also a barge that comes every few weeks to collect sand, bringing with it larger items such as blocks, cars and containers. To speak to someone about using this transport call Knackbill Nedd.

on excellence

This Antiguan catamaran sometimes comes to Barbuda and offers a six hour day tour that includes lunch on the beach and a free bar.

by private yacht or plane

On arrival by private boat or private plane into Barbuda, you are required to complete clearance immediately through the Port Authority, Customs and Immigration. Updated information with contact details for clearing in and out of Barbuda, along with the most popular places to anchor are given on the next pages.

anchorages on Barbuda

A helicopter's view of Coco PointWhite Bay (Spanish Point)
The most popular anchorages are at Coco Point (left) and Spanish Point (right) which are both on the south coast. If you are moored here it will be a considerable distance to cycle or taxi into the village but a phone call to any of the tour guides or taxis will bring someone out to your boat. You are not encouraged to go into the private Coco Point Lodge hotel which is located on this beach although all beaches in Antigua and Barbuda are open to the public on the waterline.
Yachts at Low Bay River Wharf May 2016

There are also anchorages at Low Bay (pic left) on the west of the island where you will see the closed Lighthouse Hotel in front of you. From here you will need to call a boat (sea taxi) to get across the Lagoon into the village or carry your dinghy over the sand. Please note that it is forbidden to use your own dinghy to visit the Frigate bird sanctuary from here.

Some boats also come to River Wharf (pic right) which has recently been improved for mooring but there isn't much space to get in and out here as it is  the harbour used by the ferry and by cargo boats, but it is nearer to the village.

A new mooring at Uncle Roddy's has been marked out by buoys to assist those who want to arrive and leave from Coral Group - call him for details.

Contact any of the land or sea taxi operators to meet your boat, they are familiar with the needs of visiting yachts and can carry you to all the essential services quickly. Their prices are set by the Barbuda Council and you can ask to see a copy of these rates if you wish. Most things you need in the way of everyday items can be bought in the village and can be found on the shopping page or on the business page. Although Barbuda can be very expensive as we have to import nearly everything ourselves, we really appreciate your visits to support our shops and services. We ask you to contact the waste disposal experts to get rid of your rubbish if necessary. 

Yacht Services

It's a Bit Fishy

Rosalind offers her past experience in five star hotels to visiting Superyachts. Call ahead for assistance with customs/immigration clearance and for concierge services such as VIP airport meet/greet, private plane, helicopter and boat charters, beauty therapy and massage, specialist provisioning such as fresh seafood as well as full set-up for remote beach events.  Her husband Arthur, a Barbudan with in depth knowledge of the island offers island water tours, deep sea sports fishing and is also available to assist with technical and mechanical problems onboard. Visa/Mastercard accepted.  For more information see their website here or call (268) 783 8073.

Embellish Beauty Therapy

Afiya Frank is a qualified beauty practitioner who trained in the UK. She can visit your yacht or hotel for a wide range of beauty treatments, wedding preparation and other holistic therapies using her natural handmade Barbudan products including seaweed and sea salt scrubs and lotions. Contact Afiya on (268) 734-1410


The ArtCafe in the village opens for lunches and in the evening for pre-booked suppers serving local Barbudan food especially fish and Caribbean cocktails in a pretty candlelit village setting. Ring Claire to choose your menu on (268) 4600434

Thomas and Sons Waste Disposal and Re-cycling

This friendly and efficient service collects annd disposes of all household waste including our local village collection once every week. If you are a visiting yacht or a hotel you can also call for a special collection to come to you anywhere on the island. Gregory and his team will dispose of your rubbish in the right place; do not give your rubbish to other unlicenced collectors as they may not dispose of it properly. And please do not leave your rubbish on the beaches. Call Hilroy Thomas at home on (268) 4600015 or on 770-4967 or 721-1268. Call Greg on 734-2045 or 722-2045 and Ted Thomas on 722-5511.


Information for yachts on clearing into and out of Barbuda is given on the next page.

clearing in and out of Barbuda

Barbuda is regularly visited by experienced sailors who like to keep the secret to themselves. The island has almost 200 wrecks around the coast which are enough to put off casual sailors, and is so flat that it is very difficult to see until you are dangerously close to the reefs. However, in his “Cruising Guide to the Leeward Island” and the article Cruising to Codrington Chris Doyle gives comprehensive details on how to do this safely. A regular visitor to Barbuda, Chris is very familiar with the coastline and was here this year to update his guide. Most of those who make the effort are delighted when finally anchored off a stunning beach without a soul in sight. Ask a local person for advice if you need to know where to moor your boat and please do not anchor to our reefs, fish in the restricted areas or use jet skis, spear guns and other destructive equipment.

There has been some confusion about visitors to Barbuda having to clear customs in Antigua first, or leave Barbuda within 24 hours - this is not always the case, but the eseaclear system has caused particular problems for visitors to Barbuda and some of this is explained here. Those wishing to come to Barbuda before Antigua can contact the Controller of Customs in Antigua at least 48 hours before, by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on (268) 462 0829 and get the required permission. To check out of Barbuda after more than 24 hours is also possible. For more information on this call Mathew John at Barbuda Customs - (268) 460-0085 or on his cell phone (268) 722-7210

To contact and clear Barbuda Immigration call (268) 721 2908 or, if you are in Barbuda already their local number is 562-5551. They ask that you contact them only during opening hours which are Mon - Thurs 8am - 4.30pm; Fri - 8am to 3pm, and at weekends 10am - 2pm.

Checking the weather - here is our link to Windguru

staying in antigua

As we often have to stay at least one night in Antigua before we can get to or from Barbuda on the busy local flight or the ferry, we recommend that you plan for this and spend a more relaxing time there.

air bnb

There are many listed guest houses on air bnb and we have stayed at several of them; we recommend Fitches Creek which is close to town and the airport, or this pretty house with a pool and amazing views at Seatons village Blue Bay


windchimeswindchimes 3

Is a friendly family owned hotel very close to the airport and they do transfers to and from the airport for overnight guests.

Come for the day?

With Antigua +39 Tours Italians Melania and Roberto come to Barbuda on a regular basis and so they are very familiar with the best places to see on Barbuda, while you are on holiday in Antigua.

Or if you want to stay longer...

Antigua Timeshare

antigua timeshareantigua2

Choosing a timeshare on your next vacation to Antigua and Barbuda is a fantastic way to save money without having to sacrifice luxury. The resorts here on Antigua are some of the finest found anywhere in the Caribbean. The Village at St. James’ Club is nestled on its own private peninsula and is made up of two bedroom villas complete with climate control, private patios, a master suite with soaking tub and absolutely gorgeous views of the Caribbean. At Tranquility Bay Antigua you’ll find on-site restaurants and vehicle and sailboat rentals. You’ll also enjoy being conveniently close to a golf course, shopping plaza and horseback riding tours. Both of these resorts offer Antigua and Barbuda timeshares so for more information email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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