Shelters to close

Barbudans still living in Antigua who work for Council will have to return to work in Barbuda or lose their job - this is the clear position of the new Barbuda Council who have sent a message to this effect to their workforce on both islands. The Government will evict Barbudans from the shelters soon citing the 'damage caused' according to NODS (but we know that some Antiguan officials appear not to be able to say anything with regard to Barbudans without showing contempt for us, and without encouraging Antiguans into a similar state of mind) But it's true - their supporters who are being paid by Council and doing nothing need to get out of the shelters and out of the cycle of hand-outs and vote-buying that causes us so much grief, and go to WORK. Those Barbudans who choose to remain in Antigua who are working hard at their new lives and who are never recognised in the press - we salute you, your tenacity and your future success.

NODS try to add up the costs

According to the Observer (not known for their accuracy when it comes to facts) NODS (National Office for Disaster Services) are trying to account for all the donations that came to Antigua for Barbuda, and are finding it difficult. Well, that's not a surprise...I'm sure they have absolutely no idea where to start because they are controlled by higher powers who are certainly going to have to make it all up. But there is no doubt that a great deal of it stayed in Antigua and contributed to the Antigua economy to the extent that many Antiguans benefitted from our disaster, and some more than others. It would be an interesting calculation - to see how much the aid given by you for Barbuda contributed to the Antigua economy? In a more organised, self-determining and transparent Barbuda administration, the whole lot should have come to the Barbuda Council. We have sunk to such depths of corruption that it is going to be hard to get back to those days, but we will get there.

Gaston loses Barbuda - general election

Trevor Walker successfully removed Arthur Nibbs from Barbuda politics forever, in the snap general election held yesterday on Antigua. In spite of attempts to prevent Barbudans voting by moving the ballot to Antigua, Walker's election sent a clear message from Barbudans who went by ferry and plane to vote, to the Antigua Prime Minister, Gaston Browne regarding their land rights and his divisive, inflammatory and derogatory remarks about Barbudans. The UPP lost all their seats but one, and Trevor Walker will be one of only two opposition in the new Antigua government.

'Now that man who they call worl’ boss will see who is deracinated, his man is out,' one woman said, as she recalled words used by Gaston Browne, leader of the ABLP, to describe people who objected to the ABLP’s policies following the devastation caused by hurricane Irma in Barbuda last September. 'He will see none of us are imbeciles,' she added, before re-joining Barbudans in the chant through the street...

Gaston loses Barbuda again - by-election

It was clear that none of the effort thrown at the general election was here in Barbuda for ALP candidate Ricardo Nedd in the by-election, this time held in Barbuda.They didn't visit Barbuda to campaign on his behalf, but this might be because all their supporters are still in the various 'shelters' in Antigua and they would have to organise them all back over to Barbuda to vote. Primrose Thomas (Green) Ricardo Nedd (ABLP) and Calsey Beazer (BPM) contested seats. Calsey Beazer won by a large majority, emphatically confirming the direction in which the people currently resident on Barbuda want to go. 

 '... a long period of education must precede any great fundamental change in society, hence we do not believe in vote begging, nor political campaigns, but rather in the development of self-thinking individuals'  Lucy Parsons.


General Election called - March 21st 2018

We still await the judges decision about whether Barbudans who returned to live on Barbuda now have to go back to Antigua to vote in the snap general election. Are we no longer a recognised consituency? How will they get almost 450 of us to Antigua on the day when the ferry depends on the weather and SVG cancel flights on a whim? Who will assist the people who are older or who have children to look after? Is this a day trip or are we staying the night. Those of us who have returned to live in Barbuda will certainly travel to vote but it's looking like a rather desperate and misguided attempt to effect the election result they need - to remove Barbudans permanently from their communal land.

APUA electricity inspection fails

All homes who requested reconnection to electricity were visited by an APUA inspector last week. He advised home owners that the new system in Barbuda will be to install both 220 and 110 current facilities in every home, eliminating the need for transformers.The problem with this is that every house visited failed the inspection, and will need to be adapted to suit the safer guidelines. Wait Foundation have agreed to provide the necessay materials. As APUA have not re-connected many of the posts in the village in most areas since the Cubans and Venezuelans left, we are not expecting electricity any time soon!

Going Back Home is not so easy...

The difficulty faced by Barbudans trying to get back to Barbuda cannot be under-estimated. There is NO FOOD AID in Barbuda yet, people have nowhere to live, no money, it's traumatic going back to see all your possessions gone and some have children at school or new jobs in Antigua. Fred is doing an amazing job on the ferry - she is the only reliable daily transport and most days there are too many people to fit on. Some want to go to take photographs for their fund-raising, yes really, as if there aren't enough online, some are amazing helpful volunteers, some are from the UN who are now asking for people to estimate the cost of re-building their homes; the army, scientists - but Fred is putting Barbudans first.

The clean-up is going well, there has been a lot of work done by Solid Waste to clear debris and the GoFundMe/helpBarbuda fund is supporting people to go to their homes to help clean up and aid their return. Samaritans Purse have tarped all the open roofs they can. Generators have been handed out to those who have returned.

But the government appears to have prioritised an international airport over re-building homes so we are faced again with legal action to get the answers we need from them about their intentions for the short and long term future of Barbuda - luckily we have lawyers amongst the volunteers. Most other updates are compiled from all the best sources on the net on facebook barbudaful, and on other ngo or charitable sites, most of whom are trying their best to help on a practical local level, with a few crazy ambulance-chasers that are inevitable in a disaster of this scale thrown in to make it more interesting.

Paying It All Back

Why would you buy back land that you already own? This is the offer on the table from Gaston Browne - $1 for a title deed to land that is worth $$$ millions and has been fought for since slavery. Of course if you are from Antigua, Jamaica, Dominica, Guyana, the USA, UK or any of our other friends and neighbours maybe already living on Barbuda you can see the appeal - wait long enough and you will get what you waited for - free or cheap land. If you vote for some people of course they will promise you huge wealth and prosperity - that 'personal gift' of cash you get at election time; the new jeep, the alcohol: it's there to make sure you bring it home for them and is part of the deal.

Don't build a strong hurricane-proof house; have a much bigger Caribana!  But now we know - if you want your home rebuilt after a devastating hurricane, you're gonna have to pay it all back. 

Going Back Home

Hooray, hooray FINALLY we are allowed to go back. A formal petition has already been put to government regarding the requirements of Barbudans to return as follows -



WHEREAS by virtue of a State of Emergency proclaimed by the Governor General of Antigua & Barbuda and an Evacuation Order made by the Cabinet of Antigua & Barbuda the entire population of the island of Barbuda was evacuated to Antigua between September 7th and 8th, 2017 AND WHEREAS we Barbudans are thankful to the Government for its prompt response and to the people of Antigua for the outpouring of love and support and their generosity in providing accommodation, food, clothing and transportation to mitigate our circumstances AND WHEREAS many Barbudans are anxious to return home to Barbuda to participate in the reconstruction efforts and to restore normalcy in the shortest possible time.

WE THE UNDERSIGNED BARBUDANS evacuated from Barbuda and currently living in Antigua hereby make the following demands:

1. All Barbudans who are prepared to assist with the clean-up effort must be allowed to return to Barbuda and remain in Barbuda for this purpose;
a) In this regard adequate provision must be made for food, medical and material supplies to be sent from Antigua to Barbuda to serve their needs;
b) Barbudans should be allowed to stay in their own homes provided that these homes are safe for habitation, or to stay in designated shelters;
c) Volunteers should be divided into working groups including but not limited to
Fogging crew
Equipment operators
2.​A dedicated clinic should be designated in Antigua to serve Barbudans and all medical relief items and funds intended for the benefit of Barbudans should be made available to that clinic to serve the medical needs of Barbudans.
3.​An independent committee should be established which would include Barbudans to manage the receipt of material supplies and relief items.
4.​A Barbuda Foundation should be created to manage all financial donations from individuals and local, regional and international bodies.
5.​Adequate transportation arrangements should be made to allow Barbudans to travel to and from Barbuda on a regular schedule. This should include transportation between the port and the town.
6. All materials and supplies intended for use in the reconstruction and rehabilitation of Barbuda, including all generators and communication equipment should be sent to Barbuda immediately.


Update - there will be families who are unable to do this if their children remain in school in Antigua and so provision must be made for them to remain in Antigua until a satisfactory solution for education is reached on Barbuda.

Donations to Barbuda

if you see this, it came from usMany people have asked where to send donations to organisations that are based in Barbuda, or to Barbudans raising funds for Barbuda or for Barbudans themselves. We started our own fund immediately which was initially intended to raise enough for satellite phones, to avoid the long communication delay after the hurricane hit, and the worrying and inaccurate news we experienced. In fact the fund has achieved much more than this and we are now using it for a supported clean-up to enable people to return home, and also filled two donated containers full of tools and supplies.

UPDATE - There is still currently little or no income in Barbuda. Many people have lost their boats, their taxi's and their guest houses. If you wish to donate to this website or to help anyone you know please contact us and we will pass on all individual donations. 

Other funds are being organised by Barbuda Rise in Leicester, Blue Halo, Barbuda Cottages, Coco Point Trust.


Barbuda after Irma

The unprecedented hurricane Irma has destroyed our beautiful island community. This information here on barbudaful is no longer relevant as all guest houses, bars, shops, homes and businesses have been torn apart by a hurricane so enormous that the world has never witnessed anything like it before. It has almost destroyed an entire area of the world - the Caribbean, so we are not alone in this. All our recent updates have and will be on facebook and we can only try to recover from the trauma of it slowly, and then rebuild.

We are so comforted by the immediate support we have received from Antiguans and Barbudans who risked dangerous conditions to evacuate everyone from Barbuda, before we face the next one - Jose. There is nothing left to destroy but we have left unsecured homes, pets and our remaining possessions to find temporary shelter in Antigua. The support we have received from our Barbuda friends and family around the world has been bigger than any hurricane. People who have visited Barbuda once, long term guests to our hotels, individuals, organisations and many many others have demonstrated their love and respect for us by donating to the various funds to assist us in our immediate crisis and in our long term rebuild. We want to say thankyou to all of you; thankyou soooo much, and we will be back.

Hurricane Irma

As Hurricane Irma heads for Barbuda and Antigua we are expecting a large storm - some even say a 'Super Storm' - that is now at the top end of category 5, with sustained winds of 200 mph and high sea surges. While we are not strangers to hurricanes in Barbuda, Irma is nevertheless a particularly dangerous and life-threatening situation. We are praying for a safe passage through the hurricane season for all people of the Caribbean, and we are sending our thoughts and best wishes to all on Barbuda during this time. Hurricane Irma on 5/9/2017

BPM candidates walk out of Council

The four new candidates for BPM have refused to participate in the setting up of the new Council after all available positions were allocated to two new ALP members in the first meeting, in spite of four BPM members having been elected by the people of Barbuda. The notion of power-sharing here is clearly not on the ABLP agenda. This disappointing and embarassing stalemate has forced MP Arthur Nibbs to look at other ways to continue his stubborn dictatorship of Barbuda. Meanwhile BPM Councillors continue to work on the issues that they were elected to pursue, outside of the imposed Council restrictions until such time as proper participative democracy is returned to our island.

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We like this...

Now, it's been too long.
Too long, too long in slavery.
Free the people and let them move in liberty
Now, it's been too long.
Too long, too long in slavery.
So the struggle continue.
But while the struggle continue, I'm going to tell you.
We rastaman will set the world free...

Joseph Hill - Culture

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